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Attorney Work Life Balance CalculatorTM

Purpose: The purpose of the calculator below is to help you determine on average:

  • how many total hours you must spend in your office during the week (Monday through Friday) in order to meet the billable hour requirements of your firm (taking into account vacation, personal and other "days off"), and
  • the amount of time you'll need to spend working at home after work or on weekends if you can't meet your firm's billable hour requirements solely from your time in the office during the week.

You secure this information by selecting values from a series of drop down menus below, and then hitting the "Calculate" button. The objective is to play around with the values in the menus until the "Billable Hrs/Yr" value in the "Results" column on the left is equal to or less than the Billable Hour Target entered at the top (if "Billable Hrs/Yr" value is greater than the Billable Hour Target, then you are billing more hours than your target).

Click here for more detailed, step-by-step instructions on using the form. You may also click the "question marks" below adjacent to an individual entry for further information about that entry (note: clicking the link should open a window on your screen with further instructions. If your browser blocks pop-ups, or you otherwise don't see a pop up window, click here.)

Note 1: if you need to clear ALL of your choices at once and start from scratch, simply refresh your browser window.

Note 2: you need only select values for Monday, which presets the same values for the rest of the week. Values for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday may then be changed at your discretion without affecting the values for any other day.

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